Balanced Dogs LLC provides unparalleled service to South Jersey dog owners by keeping their dogs calm, social, happy and healthy while they are away. Lack of proper mental and physical challenge creates frustration in dogs and leads to obesity, heart problems, emotional problems and behavior issues 
provides a service that challenges your dog’s body and mind. Letting a dog 

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 Saturday Pack Walk Rule

Balanced Dogs LLC creates happy, healthy dogs by focusing on exercise and socialization. We specialize 
in matching the appropriate intensity of exercise to your dog by considering breed, age, health conditions, etc. Our dog exercise routines vary from moderately paced walking to high intensity runs using a bike or rollerblades.
Balanced Dogs offers private and pack walks, daycare, over-night pet care, and training to enhance the relaxation and happiness in your home. Our goal is to provide your pup with the right amount of exercise and socialization to feel balanced and fulfilled!  
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Pack Walk Rules
Pack Walk Rules
Blu after his Sat Pack Walk
Abby stretched out
Cesar Milan and I after an amazing week of learning!
Calm  and fulfilled !

Proud Distributor of Volhard Dog 
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